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procmail don't work


This is my first time i use procmail, fetchmail and exim. Exim works fine now.
Fetchmail too. But procmail don't like to work. This is a part of procmails
log file:

procmail: Lock failure on "/home/timeboy"
>From bounce-debian-user=timohart=gmx.at@lists.debian.org Wed Sep 05 15:09:45 2001
 Subject: From potato to woody (or sid?)
  Folder: /home/timeboy/mail/inbox					   3107

It seems to have to do with lockfile. In man procmail i read about lockfile
and that it should be used in a shell script. But i don't understand why and 
how to do this. So i need help to get procmail runnig. I have no idea now.


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