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Re: Replacement for WRQ Reflections?

on Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 02:07:38PM -0400, Sean Morgan (macinslak@mac.com) wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone knew of something that could replace
> Reflections, specifically its support for HP's NS/VT protocol?

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What specifically is NS/VT?

Hmm....Google indicates it's a record-based terminal protocol,
proprietary to HP, used on the HP3000 line of systems.  Primary vendor
support appears to be WRQ.

A few fronts:

  - Telnet/iX is a new service HP's introduced for the 3000.  Might want
    to look into that.

  - Looks as if there may be an hp-3000-telnet mode that you can use
    according to this link:


   - Proxy92, a java-based protocol converter:


Best bet seems to be to get telnet on the 3k.  I'd also inquire if ssh
is supported.

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