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Re: exim don?t like to send

On 2001.09.02 19:03 Stephen Gran wrote:

> smarthost:
>   driver = domainlist
>   transport = remote_smtp
>   route_list = "* mail.gmx.at bydns_a"
> (using your ISP)
> and in the authentication configuration section:
>  login:
>    driver = plaintext
>    public_name = LOGIN
>    client_send = ": username : password"
> (I'm guessing - this is the most common one, AFAIK) Play with 
> these options, and you should have reasonably good luck.
> I'm assuming this is your problem - that it won't send mail, 
> even when you're connected to your ISP - if the problem is 
> something else, let us know.
> Good luck,
> Steve
Thanx for help. This two things i didn't had found. And cause i
thought i will need no smarthost, i chosed option 1 by running
eximconfig at first time. After fixing this, i was able to get
a connectin to gmx.


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