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Re: Mozilla is invisible

Turns out this is actually a problem with anything using the /dev/dsp device. I'm guessing you have the flash plug-in installed.
Look at bugzilla's bug 58339.


Stefan Deibel wrote:

Am Sonntag,  2. September 2001 00:27 schrieb Tupshin Harper:

I recently has this problem, and I found that esd(the enlightement sound
daemon) was blocking it's execution.  As soon as I killed esd, Mozilla
popped right up.  If you have that running, try killing it.  If not that,
you might try killing other processes to see if anything else is causing
this problem.


Well, I don't have esd running (but I sometimes use gnome and then I want to have esd too!), but artsd under KDE has the same effect. Whenever I kill that
mozilla pops up.
Mozilla seems to have some heavy problems with sound daemons. This should be
forwarded to the bug tracking system!!!

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I took first mozilla 0.9.1 and later mozilla-0.9.3 from unstable,
compiled and installed it in woody. First everything worked all right,
except that home banking with the downloaded JRE was everything else but
performant. However, after upgrading in memory from 128 MB to 512 MB and
installing a game from a Linux User CD, Mozilla starts 4 never ending


but is completely unusable. There is not even a mozila window any more.
What the hell is going wrong?


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