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Re: dual boot problem

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 05:56:39PM +0000, Giri X wrote:
> Hi
> I recently installed Debian on a ayatem that had Win2k on it b4. I made 2 
> partiotions using GNU Parted and put Debian on the second. But after the 
> installation of Debian, I am not able to boot into Win2k. I checked 
> /etc/lilo.conf. It had only 2 images, vmlinuz and old*.*(forgot the exact 
> thing). There was no Windows image. So now i can boot only into Debian but 
> now windows.
> I ran fdisk from Linux and the partion table shows 3 partitions:
> /dev/hda1  Win95 boot
> /dev/hda2 linux
> /dev/hda3 swap
> what is the problem and the solution ??

You need to add the lilo entry for win2k. Something like:

And you need to make sure you have 'prompt' and 'delay' setup, I'd also
suggest 'single-key', so you can just hit a number key to load.

Don't forget to run /sbin/lilo after you change /etc/lilo.conf!!!!

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