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Mutt + Japanese


I'm trying to get mutt set up to send and receive Japanese (iso-2022-jp
charset) mail.  Right now the machine can read Japanese encoded mail,
and can even send Japanese encoded mail (using mule as the editor), but
each time I have to change the Content-Type line from charset=us-ascii
to charset=iso-2022-jp (Control-T lets you edit this).

How can I get mutt to recognize Japanese mail passed via mule as
Japanese, while English mail is recognized as ASCII?

Right now I've got these environment variables set:


and I'm opening mutt inside a kterm.

My ~/.muttrc contains:

    set send_charset="us-ascii:iso-2022-jp"

The user of the machine will primarily be using everything in English
(except for the occasional email to and from Japan), so I can't do
anything drastic like 'set-language-env -l ja'.  I could reverse the
iso-2022-jp and us-ascii in the 'send_charset' variable, but then *all*
the email will leave the system in Japanese.  I'd rather mutt decide
for itself which to use.

Any thoughts?


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