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Re: Favorite Debian packages?

>Given the huge amount of available packages it is difficult to know if you
>have the best subset installed. Perhaps there are some less known "killer
>apps" around that many people don't know about. Debian has some great
>inventions like apt and kernel-package. What else is there that should get
>greater attention for someone quite new to Debian?
>So I ask you - what are your favourite packages, that you would install
>again if you had a pretty bare-bones Debian box to set up as it suits you?
>Or what packages are likely already installed that are perhaps not widely
>known although very useful? I am especially interested to hear what
>makes Debian easier to set up, administrate or enhances the "experience".
>Some of mine include msttcorefonts (good true type fonts), multicd (to
>cd-backups of directory trees), a2ps (any 2 postscript, pretty wellknown
>perhaps), wget/curl (for downloading, probably also well known) etc.
>Not many pure debianisms here, but I would love to hear of some!

nmap:   port scanning...hack your system before someone else does
vim-rt: syntax color/highlighting, read gzipped files, etc.
gpm:    cut and paste in consoles


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