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Re: networking problem during install

On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 09:33:06PM -0700, Bob Galloway wrote:
| Howdy, deb folk!
| I'm trying to turn an old AT&T Globalyst P90 box into a firewall
| running Debian.  Installation via NFS would be much easier if I could
| get networking to work!  Too bad I can't seem to get the box to notice
| incoming packets.
| Symptoms:
|   - running linux x86 2.0.36, with the tulip driver (bootstrapping with

tulip driver ... I've heard stories from some people that older tulip
drivers don't work with certain newer cards.  What NIC are you using?
Personally I've never had any problems with the tulip driver starting
with version 0.90 and a Linksys LNE100TX rev2.0.

|       slink, since a friend still has my potato CD's)
|   - install goes smoothly until the base system install step, when it
|       just times out when trying to NFS mount the CD image I'm exporting
|       from my desktop box.
|   - the ethernet card is fine, since it works just fine if I put it in
|       my desktop box
|   - the cabling and hub are fine, too; I can swap cables and see the
|       same results; I can ping between two other good boxes on the same LAN.
|   - if I ping the problem box from outside, I can see activity on the
|       LAN, but ifconfig on the problem box shows no recieved packets,
|       and I get no responses to the ping.
|   - if I try to NFS mount something on the problem box, ifconfig shows
|       transmitted packets, but no recieved packets, and the mount attempt
|       times out.  I can mount the same volume on a different box.
|   - looking at /proc/{pci,interrupts,ioports}, I don't see any conflicts.
|   - I've made sure that I'm not doing something stupid like taking an
|       IP address already in use.  (I could be doing something else stupid,
|       but I don't know where...)
|   - I made a staticly-linked binary of ping and moved it to the problem
|       box (after a couple of hours(!) of cursing at floppy disks and drives).
|       It tells me that ICMP is an "unknown protocol."  That'd probably
|       explain the lack of ping, but not the lack of TCP.

Actually, TCP uses ICMP respones for things such as "Destination
unreachable".  If you can't get ICMP packets in then you will never
get any TCP error messages, just timeouts.

Do you have the installation stuff on the NFS export?  It may be
easier to download rescue and root floppies from the potato installers
and do a network install.  You'd be using a 2.2 kernel then.


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