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Re: DRI questions

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 09:25:23AM -0500, Dave Sherohman wrote:
> - The final step I had to take was fixing some device permissions.
> /dev/dri/ and /dev/dri/card0 were owned by root.root, preventing
> normal users from getting at DRI, so I changed them to root.video
> (which matches /dev/agpgart).  However, the ownership reverts to
> root.root on reboot (and I see that it reverted overnight also).
> What is doing this (AFAICT, it's not logging its activity) and how
> do I make it stop?

This probably needs to go in your XF86Config file:

Section "DRI"
    Mode 0666

So that the permissions are set on each X startup.

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