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Re: MSN Messenger through Debian gateway


ipchain has timeout.  If you use ipmasq, see Z92timeouts.rul/def
check  -M option in man page.  Make larger value.

Also Do you provide IP to DOZE machine by DHCP?  I assume you have
fixed IP.  But this may give random IP upon reboot.

Also ISP issue,

In order to protect you from ISP control over running server, I suggest
you to close external NIC's port by ipchain command in ipmasq.  ATT
checks port for news for me.  This also prevents most port scan activity
to me, I think.

I have my recipe here this prevent almost all port 1-1023.


Content is old and I may use somewhat modified version but you can get

On Sun, Aug 26, 2001 at 09:08:49PM -0400, Jason Bleazard wrote:
> I've been having a strange problem, and wondered if anyone could help.
> It seems to go bonkers when she reboots her machine.  I thought at one
> point maybe Bell was dropping our connection on us and giving us a
> different IP when it re-connects, so I started keeping track of the IP
> address of the gateway.  No change there.

Sounds like time out...

> (***) Switched from Rogers after they terminated our service for
> "running a server"... translation: we were using fetchmail to collect
> mail and running it through the local delivery service to drop it in the
> correct user's mailbox.  They didn't like seeing the SMTP port open,
> never mind that it was set in hosts.deny to disallow all external
> connections.  Sigh.

Well, they can not check how well you configured anyway.  SPAM was

BTW, I run ssh at 8080 so I can get throgh most simple firewall and will
not be caught running server.
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