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Re: xawtv probs....

Bruno Boettcher wrote on Fri Aug 24, 2001 at 10:26:59AM:
> after an euphoric phase where xawtv worked really nice (even if i can't
> get the picture in full screen, all i get making the frame bigger and
> bigger are bigger black borders around the quite small image....) now it
> doesn't work anymore..... :(

You need to supply a fullscreen-mode for example as I did in my ~/.xawtv
fullscreen = 768 x 576 # This is for PAL, NTSC is different IIRC.

Then fullscreen works flawlessly. You to supply need a Modeline in your
/etc/X11/XF86-Config-4 for that mode as well, e.g (finetune with
 Modeline  "768x576"  50.00  768 772 796 972  576 578 583 598  -hsync  -vsync

[Interupt problem]
> with those 2 things on the same interrupt... i gave the tulip (eth0) module a
> irc=13 setting, but nothing changes it persists to want to be on 10....

Have you already shuffled your cards once or twice? This often makes the
BIOS reassign the IRQs. I recently inserted a dxr3-board which messed
up my configuration in the first place.

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