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Re: X Display errors

On 22 Aug 2001 19:01:25 -0700, Jason Majors wrote:
> Whenever I try to run something from an Eterm or xterm I get this error:
> xmms:  can't open display (null)
> But my display is set to "sabertooth:0.0". (The correct name).
> I've changed it to "localhost:0.0", "", and "". None
> of them work. I tried running "xhost +".
> The strange thing is I can run them from the enlightenment menu just fine.

What shell are you running in eterm (bash/csh/tcsh?)  you should be
does your .bash_profile or .bashrc set your DISPLAY to something else?
These are all local connections right?

export DISPLAY=sabertooth:0.0 or sabertooth.fullyqualified.domainname



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