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Re: how do i extract a bullet from my foot (tar woes)

allen wayne best just ramblin in his amx wrote:


i have managed to insert a bullet in my poda courtesy of tar and my ineptness! that is, i did:

	tar -cvIf --remove-files /tmp/foo.tz /opt/tmp

silly me filled up my current directory with a file called "--remove-files". my question is: how the heck to i get rid of this beast????

i've tried
	rm -f "--remove-files"
	rm -f '--remove-files'
	rm -f "\\-\\-remove\\-files"
	rm -f "\-\-remove\-files"
	rm -f '\\-\\-remove\\-files'
	rm -f '\-\-remove\-files'

all with the same lack of success!

any assist in this would be most appreciated.

Here's another:

rm -i *files

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