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Re: HP DeskJet driver (hpijs)

Carl Greco <cgreco@cox-internet.com> writes:

> Has the HP DeskJet driver, hpijs, been included in gs, or gs-aladdin
> in testing or unstable?  I'm attempting to install lprng with
> magicfilter to serve a 895Cse printer under stable (potato).  

Not it testing, to what I know.  You can compile gs and hpijs from
hand.  Look to


for a HOWTO that I wrote on doing so.  It's for my mac, so you just
have to make the adjustments for your system, i.e. leaving the
--LITTLE-ENDIAN option on.  I'm using a 957c just fine now.

good luck.


> If not, what would be the best alternate solution?
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>     Carl Greco
>     cgreco@ieee.org
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