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Re: OT: problem compiling GnoCam-0.10

Philipp Bliedung <philipp.bliedung@bliedung.de> writes:

> I'm trying to compile the gui for gphoto-2.0beta1. So I get the
> sources fro GnoCam.
> But when I run ./configure it gets me this:
> checking for GAL >= configure: error:
> so I get the sources for gal-0.9.1 from the
> ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/unstable/sources/gal/....
> and compiled it.
> Even dpkg shows that GAL is installed:
> user1@laptop:~/programs/gal-0.9 dpkg --list | egrep gal
> ii  gal            0.9.1-2        GNOME Application Libs (GAL)
> svgalib
> ii  libgal6        0.7-2          G App Libs (run time library)
> ii  libgal9        0.10-1         G App Libs (run time library)

You usually need the -dev package of a library (containing the header
files) installed if you want to compile something which depends on it.

In this case they will probably be called libgal6-dev and libgal9-dev.


Leonard Stiles <ljs@uk2.net>

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