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Re: How to make ppp0 default gateway automaticly?

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>> >but how can I make ppp0 the default gateway automaticly when
>> ppp0 is up?
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>> waldner@wz:~$ grep def /etc/ppp/options
>> defaultroute
>I also believe that
>route add default ppp0
>also works (although it is a while since I have done tis.

dunno, but if you have to set the route manually
 route add -net 0/0 ppp0
will certainly work.

It´s just that Tao asked for auto/magic, and that lies in the 
options-file resp. in invoking pppd like
 pppd eth0 defaultroute
(maybe the options must be reserved, I don´t have PPPoE-hacks in my 
 pppd, only PPTP- ones).


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