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Re: Problem posting with trn


	Thanks for the reply (again). I discovered that the NNTPSERVER
variable was NOT being honoured (what a relief to be able to use the
British spelling of 'honour' again!). In fact, even though pretty much
everything you said matched the docs, the programs were refusing to

	On this theory that this was a bug, I did dpkg --purge of all news
and trn related stuff I installed, and then installed inewsinn first
before installing trn. Lo and behold, things started to work right
away. Even then there were a number of bugs that I noted - the
/etc/news/innd.conf file was being ignored - the values for the
ORGANIZATION and NNTPSERVER were being read from the /etc/news/server and
/etc/news/organization files - thus contradicting the documentation in the
inews man page.

	Now, however, I've come across some rather annoying Pnews (isnt
that still the news injector, or is it 'inews' when inewsinn is
installed?). Here is what I got when I was replying to a newsgroup posting
and I used the 'F' (quote original when replying) command :

Check spelling, Send, Abort, Edit, or List? s
Article not posted -- more included text than new text
(Article not posted.)

	Garrh! I dont need a program to act like a grandmother. Is there
anything I can do to turn off this behaviour (ah-ha! British spelling


On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Colin Watson wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 11:10:12AM -0500, Jor-el wrote:
> >  
> If you don't have a local news server, there's no reason for you to have
> /var/lib/news/active at all, so no.
> Is it possible that you haven't set the NNTPSERVER environment variable
> correctly (it should be the hostname of your news server)? The inews
> from inewsinn should honour that environment variable and not try to
> look in a local active file if it's set.
> Cheers,
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