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Fwd: Re: How do I get the DRI working on XFree 4.1.0?

On Tuesday 14 August 2001 03:37 am, Herbert Pirke wrote:
> Hi,
> It's been quite a while that I'm trying to get DRI
> working on my Voodoo3. But I can't find a solution to
> the following problem:
> The X-server output says that DRI is up and running.
> The tdfx driver is loaded and everything looks fine.
> But when I start glxinfo, it tells me that only soft
> rendering is available. All GL-applications I have
> actually run under soft-GL.
> I heard that there would be a problem with the DRI
> drivers in the 2.4.7 kernel, so I installed 2.4.8
> yesterday, hoping that this would change something.
> Unfortunately, I still have the same problem: Only
> software rendering available. I followed all the
> instructions on the XFree 4.1.0 installation guide but
> it didn't help neither.
> Has anyone figuered out how to get DRI work on a
> Voodoo card?

	You need to make sure you've got the XFree configured
to load the dri and glx modules.  In Section "Modules" of XFree86Config-4,
make sure you have

	Load  "dri"
	Load  "glx"

Just in case, also make sure there is:

Section "DRI"
	Group "xf86dri"
	Mode 660

(and add yourself to group xf86dri.
You said DRI was running, so this may not be the problem.
I've been using 4.1 with my Voodoo3 for the past couple of weeks

Hope this helps,
Michael Buice

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