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Re: OT: SCSI hardware recommendation

Joerg Johannes <liste_joerg@gmx.de> writes:

> Hi List
> Has anybody of you a dual-channel SCSI-Controller working?
> I'm interested in buying one for being able to use CD-Roms and a scanner
> on a slow channel, and harddisks on a fast channel. So, which
> controllers are supported, and how do I configure the channels?
> thanks
> joerg

I've just installed a Dawicontrol DC-2980 U2W Controller, wich works
just fine and is cheap (compared to adaptec...). I use only LVD
Devices with this Controller, so can not comment on the dual-channel
operation (i do not think this will cause problems)
My older Adaptec 2940U2W works fine with Cdrom, CDR, DAT and 2
Hardisks on the SE an two other HDs on the LVD Channel. 


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