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xdm.pid file missing -> ASCII garbage


1) My modem is not compatible with linux (winmodem) and I cannot make it a
2) I wanted to install the latest version of XFree86
3) I downloaded "Linux-ix86-glibc22" from blackdown.org with win2k
4) booted linux
5) "sh Xinstall.sh" and responded yes/no to a series of questions

observation: When I reboot, it complains that XDM will not work because
/var/run/xdm.pid is missing.  At that point I see "login" and right next to
that ASCII garbage
keeps coming in.  I can do "ctr-alt-del" to reboot in windows2k.  I can type
and have some time to look through my disk but 6 seconds later garbage
appears again.

Maybe there is a way to stop this garbage so I have time to reinstall
Is that what I should do?

Fortunatly I made a back up like the How-To suggested:
/usr/X11R6 (/usr/X11R6-old)
/etc/X11 (/etc/X11-old)

Your help would be appreciated,

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