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Re: Is it possible to do this using logrotate?

Steve McWilliams <stevemc@Radix.Net> writes:

> I looked more closely at what is happening and actually the log file
> IS being truncated by logrotate, however as soon as the logging process
> writes to the log file again it is restored to it's original size and
> grows from there again.  The original content of the file is sometimes
> garbled however, up to the point where it was truncated, which I hadn't
> noticed originally.
> If this is the case then I don't see any purpose for the copytruncate
> option here at all actually.  

This area is underdocumented, but I ran a few tests:

    (while true; do sleep 1; date; done) > mylog

The file will grow always, truncating just zeros what was there

    (while true; do sleep 1; date; done) >> mylog

Truncation works as expected.

So I think your program must open the log with O_APPEND and everything
should run dandy. Logfiles should probably always be opened this way,
i.e. failure to do so can be construed as a bug.


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