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Re: problems with configuring Debian

	Subject: problems with configuring Debian
	Date: Sat, Aug 11, 2001 at 10:52:36AM +0200

In reply to:fouad HENNI

Quoting fouad HENNI(henfou@yahoo.fr):
>  I installed Linux Debian 2.2 r0 on my computer and I
> need solution for the problems below:
> 1) My video card is "Trident Blade 3D PCI/AGP (IPC)",
> so I installed the XF86_SVGA
>    server but the computer often blocks when I
> 'startx'. I used to reinstall Debian. 
>    When it works, the only graphic mode that I had is
> the 320x200 with a very big police.
> 2) My network interface is a Realtek 8029 and I didn't
> find in 'modconf' a driver for it.

search /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Covfigure.help for
'RealTek 8029' to find which module it requires
> 3) My modem is a 'Motorola SM56 PCI speakphone Modem
> #2' and was not detected.

external or internal?

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