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Re: Help! All thumbs with prosper and/or seminar.sty in LaTeX

Thanks for the tips....I ran out of time on the project, but will try
prosper next time around.
Fortunately, I was able to get my overhead slides put together with the
seminar class. A few things that worked for me (perhaps they will work
for you with the prosper class as well)
Once I made the tex file, and generated the dvi, I used the command:
dvips -Ppsfonts -tletter -tlandscape -o file.ps file.dvi
with the correct input and output file names. That gave me a postscript
with the correct postscript fonts, which was US letter size. Then I used
ps2pdf to generate the pdf file.

I also stumbled across the  texdoctk  package in the process.....it's
nice to see all of the documentation in an organized form.

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