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Re: dselect and hda:irq timeout

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 03:17:09AM -0400, Michael Mueller wrote:
> I double checked - there is no way to set CPU clk speed on Biostar M7VKB rev
> 1 board.  It must be set by a Duron-Mainboard interaction.
> I'll try some kernel compiling and different cables to see if the problem
> pops up with something other than dselect.  I also loaded and ran another
> distro one of the boxes with no reported problems on hda.

Perhaps those other distros had different defaults for the DMA and
other settings. Check what 'hdparm' has to say about the drive.

I had problems like yours before and I think it was because that
the drive was about to break, physically.

Hopefully that's not the case for your new drive though.


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