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Re: Emacs: Memory exhausted

zolia> I am getting message (Memory exhausted--M-x..for recovery..) when
zolia> starting emacs (20.7-3) on woody.

colin> Are you sure you aren't actually out of memory?  How much memory do
colin> you have on that machine?
colin> Also, do you have any limits set on memory usage for that user?  What
colin> does 'ulimit -m' say (in bash)?

zolia> Hello,
zolia> lydys:~$ ulimit -m
zolia> unlimited

zolia> lydys:~$ free
zolia>              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
zolia> Mem:        190940     185936       5004          0       6304     119860
zolia> -/+ buffers/cache:      59772     131168
zolia> Swap:       124956      23244     101712

zolia> when i used potato, there weren't any problems. Problem persist
zolia> even on free system :/ Maybe there is a way to trace the
zolia> problem?

Check out recent archives for gnu.emacs.bug, I remember there was
somebody reporting a stack overflow (due to infinite recursion, of
course) in y-or-n-p.

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