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Re: FW: Careful. This is for information only.

On 7 Aug 2001, John Hasler wrote:

> William T Wilson writes:
> > In states with "Good Samaritan" laws you are likely to be shielded from
> > liability as long as any action you take is clearly intended as help.
> State laws are irrelevant.  It's a Federal law, enforced by the same people
> who are prosecuting Sklyarov.

What about world law? I belive that you always operate under the law of
the country where you live in. But laws are only made to help people, what
must be done if a law prevents you from helping those? A system that has
too many of this laws is asking for Anarchy. 

So if you are able to login such a machine and broadcast a message to
prevent that the entire internet will go down eventually, what is against
it? No systems are harmed and certainly no one died.


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