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Re: mini HOWTO: Installing Debian on 4 MB RAM

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 10:56:40AM +0200, Jens Scheidtmann wrote:
> Dear list readers,
> recently I reactivated an old B/W notebook with 4 MB Ram lying around
> at my home: I bootstrapped Debian on it.


if you're working on the sgml version, we'd love to have this
over at newbieDoc.sourceForge.net if you don't mind...

DEBIAN NEWBIE TIP #75 from USM Bish <bish@nde.vsnl.net.in>
Do you want to have MUTT IGNORE PGP-SIGNED MESSAGES?  To have
mutt to *not* verify PGP-signed messages, you can shut it off
by including
	set pgp_verify_sig = no
in your ~/.muttrc  Or you could use:
	set pgp_verify_sig = ask-no
to have mutt prompt you each time a signed message comes up,
with the default being not to verify.

Also see http://newbieDoc.sourceForge.net/ ...

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