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Re: Secondary controller install problems

On 6 Aug 2001, Jeremy wrote:

> I don't know how this will fair with the ATA/100, but I have a ATA/66 card
> that I had the same problem with a couple months back.  What I ended up
> having to do was to dig down into the first CD and find the directory for the
> UMDA stuff.  In there you will find root and boot images, along with driver
> images.  I just booted off the CD, brought up a console, used 'dd' to write
> the root and boot images to floppies, and then rebooted with the two disks I
> made.  This identified my ATA card and I was able to install to it just fine.
> I hope this helps you out.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Worked beautifully for the ATA/100.  All smooth from there on.

Thanks very much for the quick help...


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