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Re: syn-flood on port 80 GONE WILD!

At 11:17 PM 8/5/01 -0500, Lance Peterson wrote:
>My newly polished-up Debian firewall is logging so many connection attempts
>to port 80 that I truly can't believe it.  All different IP's and all
>day long.  I'm considering just DROPing all that stuff without logging,
>but I still wonder why all these people are hitting my personal IP. 
>I'm not harboring secret info or logging credit cards but you would think,
>from looking at my logs, my Debian firewall is guarding the Pentagon
>(and seems to be doing a good job of it too..hehe).

It's "code red" attacks trying to get in your web-server

nothing to worry about if you aren't running IIS

every machine on the web is getting hit by these

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