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Re: nVidia users help needed

Thus spake John Wheat (jhbbz@home.com):

>  I am new to Debian and relatively new to Linux and ask your help with this
> God forsaken nVidia card.
> I initially installed 2.2r0 and upgraded the system to 2.2r3 followed by a
> dist-upgrade to Woody (for Xfree4.0.3). When I enter the command xf86cfg the
> command is unrecognized. I have never been able to get even a frame buffered
> support for this card and subsequently no X! I have tried all that I know of
> to do with the dist-upgrades for a more current set-up but all has failed. I
> also did a simple package selection which seemingly does not install kernl
> headers or source as /usr/src/linux does not contain these items unless
> Debian stores them elsewhere. I was going to try and compile the Nvidia-src
> files I found on one of the Debian FTP sites that I read of in the archives,
> but no kernel-src-headers.
>  TIA,
> John Wheat

I just installed the above setup last weekend.  Here are the steps I took:
0) Installed fresh Debian 2.2r2 Potato without X!
1) Went to Xfree86.org and downloaded the binary packages for Xfree. Read the
instructions is is very simple.  Look at your xfree log after wards and make
sure your running 4.1. I use xf86config to create a default configure file.
2) Got the kernel source for 2.2.19 from kernel.org installed and compiled
the kernel. I didn't use the typcial Debian way of compiling the Kernel just
did by hand.
3) Get the latest NVIDIA drivers from nvidia.com.  The documentation on the
web site is good.
4) Compiled the nvidia packages GLX and KERNEL and installed them.
5) Loaded the kernel nvidia kernel module.
6) Changed my X configuration file like specified in the nvidia documentation.
7) Made sure my driver was working correctly by looking at the xfree log 

That was it, simple.  Be prepared to spend some time, it took me about
six hours, but now I can play Loki games like Soldier of Fortune.

Todd V. Rovito
Carpe Aptenodytes! ================ "Seize the Penguins!" 

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