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Setting up my own apt sources


I've successfully completed my first Debian potato 2.2r3 install,
downloading from the Internet.  I hope to deploy Debian site-wide.

I now have many Debian packages in /var/cache/apt/archives.  How can I use
these to set up a local apt source on one of my servers and avoid having
to download them all over again?  I've figured out how to do that for the
base2_2.tgz file but not for the packages.  How does one go about
organising a server so it can be an apt source?

Best regards, 

George Karaolides       8, Costakis Pantelides St.,
tel:   +35 79 68 08 86                   Strovolos, 
email: george@karaolides.com       Nicosia CY 2057,
web:   www.karaolides.com      Republic  of Cyprus

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