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RE: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains

> Login to the domain (pdc)

You have to join the linux computer to the domain, which requires some
level of admin privilages.  (We'll assume you have those)

%>smppasswd -j domainname -r NetBIOS-name-of-PDC  (which the linux box
needs to be able to resolve, either by broadcast, /etc/hosts or your
samba lmhosts file (which should be in the same directory as your
smb.conf file)

> View computers logged into the domain

no idea.  never had to do that from linux. Don't even know it can be
done in samba. 

> Browse and manipulate shares (in Konqueror?)

you can browse the shares on a specific server by doing:

%>smbclient -L servername -U username%passwd

as far as manipulating shares on a remote NT server -- dunno.  Don't
even know that samba can do this.

I've no idea why you would want to do this from Konqueror. I've always
used the command line so I don't know about a GUI interface.

Some of what you're asking to do suggests you're trying to admin an NT
box/domain from a linux machine.  If that's the case, I don't think
Samba is the right tool.  AFAIK, Samba is designed to allow sharing of
files and printers between NT and linux machines, but it's not designed
to provide NT admin tools like srvmgr.


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