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Re: Internet Connection Sharing [was: Re: Ethernet]

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 09:54:37PM -0400, JakeCatfox@aol.com wrote:
| How can I set up my Win98 machine to share its internet connection to my 
| networked Linux machines?

I'll assume that you have Debian on the machine that has the internet
connection and that you have already done 'apt-get install ipmasq'.

I'll also assume you've given the 'doze box an IP address (if you
haven't, just say so).

On the 'doze box right click on Network Neighborhood and click on
Properties.  Select the TCP/IP item that corresponds with the NIC in
the machine and click on Properties.  In the Gateway tab enter the IP
address of your linux box with the internet connection and press Add.
Press OK enough times to get rid of all the dialogs.  Windoze will now
tell you that unless you reboot you are screwed, so click "yes" to

You also need to specify a DNS server or you will need to type IP
addresses instead of names in, ex, a web browser.  To do this find out
the IP of your ISP's DNS server (you should have this in
/etc/resolv.conf on the Debian box).  Go back to the Properties dialog
and select the DNS Configuration tab.  Enter the address of the
nameserver.  You also need to specify a hostname and domain for the
machine or windows will yell loudly at you.  (BTW this can be done
before rebooting above inorder to reduce the reboots to 1 instead of


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