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Re: Can't play sounds other than root user

You might start by checking the permissions of /dev/dsp
(something like ls -al /dev/dsp might do the trick).
It probably belongs to user root and group audio. If
the permissions are rw-rw----, then only user root and
group audio can write to /dev/dsp (play sounds) or read from
/dev/dsp (record sounds).

Before you make this world writeable/readable,
or add a ton of users to group 'audio', though, consider
that--as I understand it--anyone who has permissions to
access this device can access your computer's sound
(playing or recording, depending on permissions). This
could mean someone at a remote site might start reading
from you world-readable /dev/dsp and record everything that
takes place in your office... well, you get the idea.

I'm not really sure on the best way to set this up so that
it's both reasonably convenient and also secure. Any ideas?


On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 03:32:33PM -0700, Mike Egglestone wrote:
> Hello...
> I have potato running on a laptop...
> with the DS-XG yamaha sound card....
> I can play mp3's via free amp when I log into X as root...
> but when I login to X as a normal user...
> no sound....
> I'm thinking that only root has access to something...
> the audio device?
> I'm not sure how to tackle this or where to look at permissions....
> Any help would be great!!
> Thanks
> Mike
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