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nfs server -- please help


We in our university, have a linux network with the nfs server on debian potato machine connected to around 30 machines. The file server runs a samba server also. All the machines are connected via utp cables using a 10mbps hub.

The setup works fine when all clients runs windows nt and the linux fileserver beautifully serves all clients. 

But if all clients run linux, we get the following error message from almost half the clients and the clients crashes for a long time.

	nfs: task 5285 can't get a request slot

Any ideas on how to sort it. It cannot be due to hardware as the same machine runs windows nt well.

We are using automout in the clients for mounting the filesystems. 

Is due to the 10mbps hub ?

Our students are in trouble when they use linux because of this problem.

Thanks in advanace..

PS. A copy of your reply to suresh@ece.cet.ac.in would be apreciated.
Suresh Kumar.R,  
Assistant Professor
Dept of Electronics & Communication
College of Engineering, Trivandrum - 695 016, INDIA
Phone: (O) 91 471 595634, 515660

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