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Re: PPPoE +Debian ?

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 11:21:41AM -0700, Adam Shand wrote:
> first make sure your ethernet adapter is setup and does *NOT* have an ip
> address.  this works for me (note: i have not yet found a way to enable
> the ethernet device to work to talk to local devices *and* to work with
> the pppoe driver.  it works under windows but not under linux that i can
> see):

On my Woody install I have had no problems at all getting pppoe to work
over an active ethernet connection.  I have a small 10Mb hub with all my
machines connected, and the DSL cables comes in there too.  Not very
elegant, but it definitely works.  I've been using 2.4.x kernels.


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