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Re: using convert to batch convert

># for i in *.gif; do convert -sample 50% $i
>...or even this, if he wants to keep gifs: 
>The former changes foo.gif to foo.png, the latter to
foo_s.gif. Yay.
>May need quotes if there's spaces, may need some work
in ridiculous 
>cases, etc. It took me forever to find this, and I
was actually 
>looking for it because there were things that DOS
could do 
>(like ren *.doc *.txt) that I couldn't figure out how
to do in 
>Linux / bash. :)  I think I found it in a script
since man bash is a 
>little incomprehensible. Take a look if you're brave.
>Mike McGuire

Wow! I've been using Linux for a year, and even from
the first week I
have been trying (without success) to figure out how
to do exactly
that (ren *.doc *.txt). I have still not succeeded.
I'm not great at
Bash shell programming and I apologize for my
ignorance, but please
Mike, reveal the shell script you use to do this.

Chiu Miaoling

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