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Re: dhcp & ip addresses


I'm not sure if i can answer your question, but i may be able to clearify
the cable-modem issue a little. My brother has the cable modem and uses
Win2k - i did notice that getting the dynamic IP address all depended upon
his "computer" name. It appears to me that AT&T uses the host name to dish
out IPs that have accounts with AT&T. If my brother doesn't have the
proper computer name in place, he wouldn't get an IP - and thus, could not

Hope this helps,
Duane Curlee (dcboy@mdmgrmw.com)
Debian User (err... Attempter, anyway)

On Sat, 28 Jul 2001, Eric Boo spake:

> Hi all,
> I'm using pump on SID. My ISP is a cable provider who do not issue
> static ips. Usually, when I use pump, I have the same ip address for
> months, unless I switch off the modem and someone else grabs it. 
> When I reboot into windows on the same machine, I get another ip
> address, then when I go back to linux again, it's back to the same old
> ip address again (assuming no one grabbed it). If I use dhcpcd, it's
> another ip.
> Question: How are these ip address stored, if they are (under pump
> espcially), and how do I force pump to get another different ip if
> needed?
> Also, I can't seem to use pump on the command line after releasing it
> with pump -r. pump -R -i eth0 and simply "pump" both gave operation
> failed. Maybe I should go back to dhcpcd. Or is there an alternative?
> How's dh-client?
> Eric
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