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Re: new kernel

>>>>> On Wed, 01 Aug 2001 12:13:31 +0200
	Markus Hansen writes:

MH> first i want to use a new kernel, for example 2.2.19 ok "new"...
MH> or 2.4.x

I recommend bunk's packages. I installed his packages to my
potato box and have had no problem. You can install 2.4
kernel by reading his docs.

MH> and second i want to create another partition before the normal
MH> partitition, now named sda1
MH> because then i can easier boot because it is inside the first 100mbytes
MH> of the disk.

Do you want to create another partition as sda1 and make
sda1 shift to sda2 ? 

	Susumu Takuwa

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