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xemacs21-gnome-nomule_21.4.3-3 gnuclient fails


Recently I upgraded xemacs to xemacs21-gnome-nomule_21.4.3-3 on my sid
box.  It converted my ~/.emacs to ~/.xemacs/custom.el and
~/.xemacs/init.el.  I normally have xemacs start gnuserv.  init.el has
"(gnuserv-start)".  Then, in Mutt, I have the editor set to gnuclient.
This worked fine for me before the upgrade.  Now, it doesn't and I had
to change the editor to vim so I can type this email.

And, of course, gnuclient within an xterm no longer works.  xemacs
(2) (error/warning) Error in process filter: (error Invalid device type x)

Does anybody know what is going on?

ps. This is not vim's revenge is it? (I have been a long time vim user
but I also like xemacs, too.)

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