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Re: Kernel - Ethernet module

#include <hallo.h>
Debian GNU wrote on Wed Aug 01, 2001 um 12:42:29AM:

> I wish to compile Compex RL100a module into the
> kernel, which is not included in the kernel sources

Hm, if Debian is going to use 2.2.19 as the default kernel in Potato's
i386, there would be a problem.

> (Not as a loadble module). I have the source file and
> I modified the drivers/net/Config.in and

Aha, so it is not detected without your help. The simplest way: add the
card in the autoprobing sequence of isa-cards. Edit the file
/usr/src/linux/drivers/net/Space.c, locate this line
static struct devprobe isa_probes[] __initdata = {
and add the following in the next line:
{winbond840_probe, 0}

Das wahrlich arnoootische daran ist, das wahrscheinlich _alle_
Regulars diesem Thread absolut faziniert folgen, nur traut sich keiner
was zu sagen, weil man die beiden ja offiziell im Killfile hat.
                                    Alexander Stielau in de.alt.arnooo

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