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Re: Bug in Xgalaga?


I'm reading this mailinglist from the Web, so I have to 'reply' like this.

Even with all Juliusz advices, I couldn't get X to work in 1280x1024 mode.

According to Intel, I should be able to use 1280x1024x24@85Hz.

My Monitor, Eizo FlexScan F520 should be able to do this too:
H: 30-96kHz
V: 50-160Hz
Maximum resolution: 1280x1024 / 89 Hz.
According to the info from the log, my video's (i810) clock range is: 12-136
MHz, but the Intel Programmer's Manual says:
Clock Select. These bits usually select the dot clock source for the CRT
interface. The bits select the dot clock in standard VGA modes.
1x = CLK2 (Left "reserved" in standard VGA, used for all extended modes 6
MHz - 135 MHz.)

So, with all this information, could anyone help me to get X running in
1280x1024x24 mode? Please? :-)

I tried it with the Howto, but I can't get a mode that works...

Grtjs, Manuel

PS: MSX 4 ever! (Questions? FAQ: http://www.faq.msxnet.org/ )
PPS: Visit my homepage: http://bilderbeek.cjb.net/

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