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Re: setting up an ftp server

On Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 12:20:59PM -0500, William Jensen wrote:
> Kalle,
> I'm a large fan of bsd-ftpd.  It's simple to install and straight forward
> to configure.  First off after you run "apt-get install bsd-ftpd" you
> should open a new shell and type "man in.ftpd".  Read that file over and
> you will find a direct howto on how to configure your ftp directories and
> what files should or shouldn't be there and with what permissions.  As
> one poster notes, be careful with your incoming directories permissions.
> For example, I have mine set to 000 until I'm ready to actually upload
> something, then I ssh into home, chmod the incoming directory to 777 and
> upload, then change it back.  If you leave it wide open you will be
> hosting pirate sites in no time.  Good luck.
> Wm

This was my size! proftpd seems very nice, but all I want to do is
enable ftp uploads/downloads for _one_ user account (mine).

Two more questions popped up, regarding inetd. bsd-ftpd is started by
inted on incoming calls. How can I

a) Temporarily disable ftp? I thought it would be a good idea to do
this when it's not being used, to be on the safe side. I won't be
using it much at all, not even once a week.

b) Change the port? The default port for ftp is 21, but I'd like it to
use 12345 or something instead. This is just to confuse people,
especially my ISP who with a rather sweeping statement disallows
"servers". They just want to keep the traffic volume down, and I won't
be generating overly much traffic, but nevertheless I thought it might
be prudent to assume that they check for requests on ports 21 and 80.

Kalle Hasselström, kalle@treskal.com

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