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minor problems with new emacs21 installation

Dear People,

I just compiled and installed (for potato) the emacs 21 prerelaease
sources ( provided by Takuo Kitame. Previous to this, I was
using emacs 20.7.

I am experiencing some minor problems.

1) Global font lock mode does not work unless I switch it off and switch
it on again. I had to install Auctex 10 to get it working it at all.

2) It can't find the info dir. This can probably be easily fixed, but why
is it not working out of the box?

3) M-x R locks up emacs 21. I've never seen anything do this before. This
command uses ESS to start up R. It is unlikely that someone else who is
reading this is using ESS, R and emacs 21, but I thought it worth
mentioning. I probably need to take this to the ESS mailing list.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. I know there are other people around who
are using emacs 21 prerelease.

                             Sincerely, Faheem Mitha.

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