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Debian Issues!!

To whom it may concern,

Hello, I'm tradionally a Window's 98 OS user and am currently in the project
of teaching myself linux and wanting to learn how to use its operating
system.  After talking to some of my friends who are devout linux users, I
have recived advice that Debian is one of the best issues of linux to use,
so I have decided that I will follow their advice and install Debian on my
old computer and begin learning how to use it.  My current computer I'm
using is a newer P3, and has a CD-burner on it so I decided to goto Debian's
homepage and try to download the iso image in order to burn myself a copy of
the Debian instalitation disc so I can install the operating system upon my
computer(I didn't want to wait for the CD or purchase one since I have no
cash to spare) to begin this project, but little to my knowledge, I have
spent the last three days reading though your FAQ's, readme files, etc
trying to figure out how to get the image which should be a simple afair,
yet failing miserabbaly and I have the following comments/complaints I hope
you will at least consider about your system.

First I will like to say that your meathod is intivative and I understand
your issues of wanting to save banwith, also after thinking about your
meathod of using the .list file to direct what pacakages will be installed
on the machince, I see that for a knowledgable Debian user it could be
advantage to spelizise that list to get the maximum performace out of your
operating system which is the final goal of most devout users in my opion,
but now on to my problems

My complaints are as follows, first off, the process of getting the
pseudo-image and onward is not 'straight-forward' or 'easy' but I'm up for
the challange so I read though the files and followed the directions to the
T, and yet it still didn't work.  I encounterd the following problems.  The
first and main problem is that your interface for the make-pseudo-image file
tells the user nothing that would be of any use.  All it says is that the
program is 'Getting...' and my dos-prompt flashes from sleep-bash and back
and forth so I get the sense its doing something.  I think you should add a
feture that not only tells you what percentage of the pseudo-image you have
finsihed, but also tells you how fast your current transfer rate to the ftp
server is so you can decide if your on a good one or not.  After waiting
though four hours of 'Getting...' the program finaly crashed, Sh had an
illegal operation error.  So I shut it down and tried to restart, as soon as
it gets to 'Getting...' Sh crashed again and again and again and again. 
After that I decided to start over from scratch and redownload everything,
including the orignial zip file for the pseudo-image-make program from a
differnt sight thinking maby there was a croupted file.  Now I can't even
start the 'Getting...' process with out Sh crashing, and I have tried at
least 4 differen't ftp sights for the pseudo-image zip file and 6 differnt
sights to connect to, to get the pseudo image.  So I have wasted the last
three days trying to get the iso image file for your instalitation CD.

All I ask is that you consider this, and maby think of a way to make the
meathod of getting the iso image easier for non linux users, also I would
like it if someone would send me a ftp sight I can just download the iso
image, because I really don't want to go though all this process of trying
to create one, it just isn't workin.

Thanks for your time and I hope one day to see Debian at work so I can begin
to understand why I've been told its so great, for my opinion of now is not
that high,

Jaimos F. Skriletz

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