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Re: Promise IDE ATA-100 controller on ASUS A7V133

On Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 09:57:32AM -0700, David Grant wrote:
> Okay, everyone keeps telling me to use the idepci disks, which sounds like
> it would probably work.  But on the website it says that the idepci ONLY
> supports IDE and PCI devices, not SCSI.  I don't have any SCSI devices, but
> actually I do want SCSI emulation for my CD writer.  But are there other

By not supporting SCSI, it means that the kernel on those disks does not
have drivers for any SCSI cards.  SCSI emulation is not SCSI, and is not
to my knowledge one of the things left out of those kernels.

> limitations on these ide-pci kernels?  I mean why do these even exist in the
> first place.  If ide-pci supports the promise controller, why didn't they
> put this support into the main kernel as well.  (Also BTW, I have a Promise
> on-board controller, not a PCI card).

They exist because (at the time) a third party kernel patch was needed
to give support for the Promise card.  Newer kernels have Promise
support included.

In any case, you'll want to get kernel source to a current stable kernel
and build a custom one for your machine anyway, so you should only worry
about the Promise support for the purposes of installation.


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