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Re: [OT] Making images from CDs

> > On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 12:39:06AM -0400, Thomas J. Hamman wrote:
> > > First, a simple question:  What is the correct command-line way of
> > > copying a CD to an image file on the hard drive?  Is a simple "dd
> > > if=/dev/cdrom of=cd.img" command sufficient?  Or do I need to run

I use copy by "dd" comannd with exact # of sectors specified.  That
should eliminae problems reported.

  http://www.aokiconsulting.com/quick/ch5.html#s5.5.8   (correct site)

  5.5.8 Make an image file of CD

   Some CD-R and commercial CD have junk sectors at the end which makes
   copy by dd impossible (Windows 98 CD is one of it). The cdrecord
   package comes with readcd command. Use this to copy any CD contents to
   image file. If it is a data disk, mount it and run "mount" to see
   actual size. Divide number shown (in blocks=1024byte) by 2 to get
   number of actual CD sectors (2048 Byte). Run readcd with option and
   use this disk image to burn CD-R/RW.
     # readcd [target] [lun] [scsibusno] # select function 11

   Here, set all 3 command line parameter to 0 for most case. Sometimes
   number of sector given by readcd has few excess! Use above number from
   actual mount for better result.
     My CD-R       = +2 sectors
     MS Windows CD = +1 sector, i.e., +2048 byte

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