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Re: AC97 sound with devfs and 2.4.6

W. Paul Mills wrote:
> What you are actually looking for is VT82C686
> sound support.

Thanks!  That works better, but now alsaconf fails with the
following notice:

Loading driver:
ALSA driver (version 0.9.0beta4) is already running.
Setting the PCM volume to 100% and the Master output volume to
amixer: Unable to find simple control '',0: Success

Could not initialize the mixer, the card was probably
not detected correctly.

Then if I manually modprobe each of the aliases that alsaconf
has made for me in /etc/modutils/alsa I can get it to the point
that sound *appears* to work... that is apps no longer complain
about a missing device, the devfs device tree appears to all be
there... but.... still no actual sound.

-- mark at geekhive dot net

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