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Re: Oracle on Debian?

>>>>> "J" == J F Gratton <grajea01@moskva.dyn.dhs.org> writes:

J> Stan, Awhile back (last november) I tried to install Oracle
J> on Debian 'potato' and it's true, it just won't work. Worst of it,
J> you won't get any error messages. Oracle will link its binaries
J> without a hitch, but whenever you'll try "startup nomount" it will
J> just hang there. I don't know about the client-side of this, as I
J> needed the server-side before being able to use the clients :)

Did you read the Oracle8-HOWTO? It gives a few hints.

IIRC, most common problems seem to be an incorrect libc version, or
the wrong JDK (HOWTO mentions the version Oracle wants).

I tried installing Oracle 8 on my home machine once. After selecting the
options, the installation started and gave me an error after a couple
of hours of grinding disks. Probably removed some component it needed.

After that, I figured I didn't really want Oracle on my machine.

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