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killing dead cdrecord processes

I've been trying to burn a CD using gcombust.  

For some reason the burn got stuck halfway through (the output of
cdrecord, which gcombust calls, said that all of a sudden one of the
SCSI commands couldn't be understood.  It's a HP USB CDWriter using
the usb-storage module, which uses a series of scsi modules.)

I closed gcombust and tried running it again to blank the CD and start
again.  But it turns out that the old cdrecord processes are still
$ ps aux | grep cdrecord
root      1978  0.0  0.2  1412  232 pts/0    D    13:39   0:00
	  /usr/bin/cdrecord -reset dev=1,0,0
root      1983  0.0  5.8  5512 5512 pts/0    DL   13:42   0:00
	  /usr/bin/cdrecord dev=1,0,0 -load
root      2018  0.0  5.8  5512 5512 pts/0    DL   13:53   0:00
	  /usr/bin/cdrecord -v -dummy -pad speed=4 dev=0,6,0 blank= all

The state is "D", which means uninterruptible: the processes do not
respond to kill -9.

Is there any way short of rebooting that I can clear these processes


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